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Ask the Doctor: Peyronie’s Disease

I have peyronie’s disease as a result of prostate surgery, and my urologist suggested that I wear a penis stretcher and do manual exercises to stretch my penis.  Other than jelqing, are there other exercises that I could be doing?.  If so, where do I find them?

Peyronie’s disease causes the formation of fibrous plaques, similar to scars, along the penis.  These plaques cause painful curvature and shortening of the penis during erection.

Manual stretching devices are typically recommended during the initial 3-6 months of peyronie’s disease, while the plaque of forming. In the few studies that have been performed patients didn’t report a significant change in curvature of their erections, but did notice modest gains in length.  Other studies have looked at the use of vacuum erection devices; typically patients reported improvements in their pain, reduction in the degree of curvature and increases in penile length with the use of vacuum devices.

To date, there is no evidence that jelqing or other exercises benefit or harm patients with peyronie’s disease.  The only concern I have regarding these techniques is the expense, time wise and financially in learning these techniques.  Other treatment options that have shown some benefit include oral medications, injections, topical medication and surgery.

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