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Ask the Doctor: Longer life without vitamin D?

I take vitamin D to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder, but I also heard that people with low vitamin D live longer. Should I be taking vitamin D?

The study you’re referring to was a Dutch study published this past November. The researchers looked at 380 families with 2 siblings who lived into their 90s. […]

The Sunshine Vitamin and the Winter Blues

It’s a good time to start thinking about vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin because the first step in making vitamin D involves ultraviolet light penetrating the deep layers of the skin. Cholesterol that is found in the deep layers of the skin absorbs a portion of ultraviolet light. […]

Sun Screening

Ultraviolet A (UVA) rays are the most abundant form of ultraviolet radiation in sunlight. These rays are the longest and lowest energy form of ultraviolet radiation. UVA rays pass through the atmosphere relatively easy. Regardless of season or time of day, sunlight contains roughly the same amount of UVA rays. These rays are also capable […]